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Legend Maker for Surfer greatly simplifies the legend production process for your plots. Currently, Surfer does not have a tool to generate legends for all of the overlays in your plot - so you are stuck with manually drawing the symbols and text you need. When you open a .srf file with Legend Maker, you can loop through every selected map item, generating a symbol based on the map properties and it's name. For instance, if you have a polygon basemap layer (e.g., land or buildings), a rectangle will be generated which has the same fill and line color/style as the basemap. When finished, it's easy for you to delete any items you may not need or group them all into a single legend object.

To increase the flexibility that Legend Maker provides, you can specify the default font properties and symbol sizes to use as well.

New for version 1.1 - Legend Maker now contains all of the bitmap images used for the Surfer map toolbar: Surfer toolbar This means, for example, if you have an image map, an item will be placed in your legend which uses the camera picture to indicate that it's an image map, along with the map name. Previously, only basemap items would be included in your legend.

Have a look at the help file for an example of using Legend Maker.

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