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Welcome to the tips section. This is where we will be keeping useful general-purpose items related to using and automating Surfer and/or other Golden Software products. So here you are:

File Formats

So you're interested in opening up Surfer grids as raw binary files for more efficient data manipulation in your scripts? The Surfer help documentation contains details regarding the file formats. (Which is a rarity in itself - kudos to GS for supporting your users). However, the help doesn't list the byte position of each element in a Surfer grid. I've copied the file format tables for the Binary (s6) and Surfer (s7) formats from the help file, and added a column to show what byte position each item is located at. They each also have some sample code.

Surfer 6 ("GS Binary") format

Surfer 7 ("GS Surfer") format